OUR FREESTANDING HEATED MERCHANDISERS PROVIDE The ideal mix of utility and clean, modern design

Developed to fit seamlessly with your store’s décor, they have a compact footprint that guarantees optimal use of space. Food is attractively presented, easy to reach and stays at just the right temperature.

Our cases can be matched to provide a uniform finish and cohesive appearance among existing and newly installed equipment.

Twin Tier Hot Food Merchandiser

Our Twin Tier series of island hot food merchandisers are home meal replacement game changers. Prominent, attractive and easy to access, they are designed to showcase your hot foods and drive impulse buying shoppers looking for last-minute meal solutions. With a shop-around design and custom color and size options, this unit will make your store a dinner destination.

Hen House Hot Food Merchandiser

Our Hen House series has a proven track record for merchandising fresh-cooked chicken. These units, available in multiple size configurations, can also showcase a broad menu of hot food options. Easy access, great halogen lighting and a deck surface with energy-efficient heating pads make this shop-around unit a winner in any store.