Royston provides a variety of store fixtures that give you Functional design for flexibility and operational efficiency.

Beyond checkstands, merchandisers and display cases, we offer a line of specialty cabinets for very specific needs in your retail environment.

And we can do high-quality custom work to meet any store application. All to let you provide the best customer service.

Royston Roller Grill

Roller Grill Cabinetry

A complete system for your roller grill category. Our cabinetry features a functional design and great presentation to promote this high margin area. With a durable stainless steel surface for easy cleaning and able to withstand heat, NSF sneeze guard with LED lighting to accentuate product, and customizable compartments that house to-go containers, napkins and more. Our roller grill system is available for in-line, island or on-wall applications.


QSR Waste Receptacle

An attractive but rugged unit that combines an easy-to-clean surface which is water, mold, and mildew resistant, with modular metal cabinetry that will hold up to everyday use. Customizable to your specs for a seamless match with your existing equipment.

Recycling Station

Put going green on everyone’s mind when you install Royston’s durable Recycling Station near a cart corral or along your front end. It’s an attractive way to implement your store’s recycling efforts by giving your customers an organized, convenient place to sort their trash. Bins are clearly labeled with large print for easy identification.

CO2 Cabinet

Our attractive, aluminum CO2 Cabinet allows you to store and protect your bulk CO2 tanks in outdoor installations safely and securely. The cabinet features a lockable, piano-hinged door with key-only access for employees. Anchor points on all four legs allow secure attachment to concrete. Pre-punched penetrations for lines allow for easy access, and a louvered door and sides provide natural cross ventilation.